Now is the time to plant garlic in Southern Australia.

March is slightly early for garlic, but April and May are perfect. In June it is getting a little late and you will have missed that nice little bit of warm weather growth before winter. I like to get some size on them before winter and then they just jump away once spring arrives. Once they are growing, some liquid fertilser will help move them along. If it is a dry winter, they will need a water. If it is a wet winter, you will be pleased if you have raised the bed and have good drainage. This will prevent the bulbs rotting.

Maybe the late ones you will harvest in January rather than early December. Maybe the bulbs will be a little smaller. Only experiencing the seasons in your location and your soil will tell you when the optimal time is; and even then the weather may make or break the season. It’s all part of the mystique of growing garlic. There is no exact science.

This year for garlic is in short supply because of the boggy paddocks limiting the harvest. Best off to buy the planting stock early.

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